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None of the NSW state Govt's four options are acceptable to Blackheath. All of them would destroy forever the village atmosphere of our town. Their short term strategy would allow for monstrous vehicles on a four lane (plus) highway to move through/under Blackheath and all the towns and villages of the Blue Mountains.

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“The Saint: Great Western Highway duplication criticism is well founded.” Lithgow Mercury, 25 November 2019

Interview on Radio Blue Mountains with Michael Paag


Michael Paag BHAG December 2019
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What is the total cost to duplicate the highway between Katoomba and Lithgow?

Does RMS have the money for the Blackheath and Mount Victoria sections?

Has any geotechnical surveying or testing been done around Blackheath?

Will RMS do an economic study on the impact on Blackheath businesses and tourism?

What about impact on amenity of local residents? Through construction and completion?

Has RMS done a traffic study to support the project? Is this data publicly available?

Where is the crash and accident data to support claims by RMS that the highway needs to be made safer through Blackheath? Didn’t the RMS safety upgrade address this?

If the Station Street option is chosen, how will traffic and pedestrians gain access between the eastern and western sides of Blackheath, i.e. will the railway level crossing still be used, and what will happen to the Station Street Bridge intersection with the Great Western Highway?

RMS has ruined the financial value of many homes in western Blackheath by "accidentally" issuing letters to home owners alerting them that RMS may appropriate their homes to build the Blackheath Bypass. When will RMS officially apologise to these home owners, retract this letter and remove the Grey Area on the RMS map that has seriously deflated the property values across the entire western side of Blackheath?

If all options are viable from an engineering point of view, how much will cost be a factor in the final decision by the RMS?

The Station Street option will split the town right down the middle and destroy many lives in the process, what is the RMS response to this?

Why won’t RMS look at other options? Bells Line of Road? Other?


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