The Blackheath Highway Action Group (‘BAG’) is a joint initiative of the Blackheath Area Neighbourhood Centre and the Blackheath & District Chamber of Commerce & Community.

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GWH duplication would
be a disaster for our
Blackheath Community

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“The Saint: Great Western Highway duplication criticism is well founded.” Lithgow Mercury, 25 November 2019

Interview on Radio Blue Mountains with Michael Paag


Michael Paag BHAG December 2019
00:00 / 16:31

We will define the options. We will stand together.
We will work with the Central West.


None of the NSW state Govt's four options are acceptable to Blackheath. All of them would destroy forever the village atmosphere of our town. Their short term strategy would allow for monstrous vehicles on a four lane (plus) highway to move through/under Blackheath and all the towns and villages of the Blue Mountains.

We need to shout this out!


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