Please help us save western Blackheath

You can help by copying and sending the following 2 emails:
1st Email



Heading: Save Blackheath 

Dear Mr Toole

The proposed Station Street and Centennial Glen options for the Great Western Highway Upgrade Program are expensive, cost ineffective and destructive. Both of these options will destroy the livability and economic viability of the entire town of Blackheath.

I request that the Station Street and Centennial Glen corridors be removed from consideration as bypasses for Blackheath, and that the strategic corridor (known as the Grey Zone) be lifted immediately.

This will remove the burden of pressure and stress placed on the residents, businesses and visitors to Blackheath and the Blue Mountains World Heritage listed area.

Yours faithfully

(Insert your name and address here)

2nd Email




Heading: Save Blackheath 

Dear Ms Doyle

(Use the same wording as above)

For further information click here to see the flyer that was distributed to all Blackheath residents.

The creation of the Blackheath Highway Action Group (BAG) was originally an initiative taken by the Blackheath Area Neighbourhood Centre (BANC) and the Blackheath Chamber of Commerce.


In mid 2020 following the growth of membership in recent years and the emergence of new critical issues concerning the proposed duplication of the Great Western Highway through Blackheath, BAG separately incorporated to become an independent not for profit organisation. BAG retains and builds constructive relationships with many Blackheath, Blue Mountains and broader NSW organisations. Read more...

Media liaison:  Michael Paag

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