• Blackheath Highway Action

Community Meeting

Thursday 21 November saw one of the biggest crowds ever at the Blackheath Community Centre

Many thanks to all who came to the Blackheath Highway Action Group meeting on Wednesday night – the BAG committee were overwhelmed by the show of support.

BAG sought and received the endorsement of the Community Meeting to:

1. Lock in a broad alliance to develop a ‘climate smart’ transport infrastructure plan across the Blue Mountains.

This plan will

- safely deal with the movement of freight to Sydney and ports - improve road safety and rail access for residents and visitors - protect local communities and environments and - support the NSW Central West.

2. Fight for residents and businesses impacted by possible RMS compulsory property acquisition.


We will have a video of the presentations available here in the next few days and will be sending an email soon.

Speakers included BAG member Michael Paag, who has worked for many years with the other deeply committed BAG Members to save our town many times from road changes that would have had bad impacts on our town.

Councillor Kerry Brown urged the community to kump onto the BMCC Have YOur Say web page and comment on the "Local PlanningStatement" that will be submitted to the State Government. She said it was important that the Council made more prominent the concerns of freight transport throught the villages and towns os the Blue Mountains.

Here's the link:

BMCC Mayor Mark Greenhill and the entire council is completely behind our concerns. "We should be the ones who define the options and we should be aware of the machinations of government departments that want to divide and conquer."

Working with the Experts

Many of the experts are advocating for infrastructure improvements and upgrades to be focussed on rail, not the duplication of the roads allowing massive trucks onto village streets, past schools and general town traffic.

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