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BAG RMS 2016

Summary of BAG submission to the RMS

BAG accepts the RMS proposal of February 2016 with the following alterations:


The RMS Proposal will speed traffic up, not slow it down. To counter this we propose :-

  • Safety camera (both speed and red light) to be installed at intersection of GWH and Govetts Leap Road.

  • Physical and visual speed calming measures be installed such as blisters near the school zone, narrow, rather than wide shoulders through the town precinct

  • Emphasis should be on safety, not getting vehicles through town fast

  • Retain as many trees as possible as visual traffic calming devices

  • Reject BMCC suggestion of a seagull intersection treatment for Hargraves St and Hat Hill Road (i.e. installing an additional merging lane onto the highway to speed the traffic up)


  • No need to widen shoulders between Evans Lookout Road and Hargraves Street, thereby retaining all the gum trees along the highway that RMS propose to remove

  • Replacement of mature trees opposite Whitley Park and in front St Mounts where most existing trees will be removed and have the electrical wires put underground in this section

  • Retain the plane tree on the corner of GWH and Govetts Leap Rd. In order to achieve this, delete right hand turning lane into Bundarra coming from Mt Vic. Replace any gaps in this avenue with mature trees


  • Install a level access to the station from the western side to match the eastern access thereby allowing easy pedestrian access from the western carpark to the town centre

  • Consider pedestrian access for school children who utilize the bus stop near the Station Street railway crossing

  • Provision of more footpaths along the highway

  • Support for the designated bike track near the railway corridor between Blackheath and Mt Vic


  • To help replace the eight lost carparks on the western side of the GWH, expand the Blackheath Station Carpark

The full submission can be viewed here:


BAG has also joined with members of the Blackheath Community Alliance to lodge a supplementary submission in March 2017 – click here to view the supplementary submission

Please see the Downloads page for further submissions.

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