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Council backs calls to extend Medlow Bath Highway consultation

The following motion was moved by Councillors Brown and Schreiber at the Blue Mountains City Council meeting on Tuesday 28th July and was carried unanimously by Councillors Greenhill, Christie, Fell, Myles, Hollywood, Van der Kley, McGregor, Bowling, Brown, Foenander , Hoare and Schreiber.

MINUTE NO. 229 (Unconfirmed Minutes Ordinary Meeting 28 July 2020 - Pages 20-21)

Procedural - Matter of Urgency

That the Council now considers a matter arising in relation to technical difficulties with the on line consultation forums for Medlow Bath Highway duplication that has been ruled by the Mayor to be a matter of great urgency.

A MOTION was MOVED by Councillors Schreiber and Brown:

1. That the Council notes there have been technical difficulties with the online consultation forums run by RMS for Medlow Bath Highway duplication and that not everyone can access the technology;

2. That the Council writes to Minister Toole and to Transport for NSW Director West, Alistair Lunn and request the Medlow Bath Highway duplication consultation period be extended beyond 15 August but at least one month or as long as needed so that the Forums can be run face to face in small groups with social distancing;


3. That the Council also includes in this letter a copy on Minute no 198 from its 30 June 2020 meeting regarding the Medlow Bath Highway safety upgrade.

Upon being PUT to the Meeting, the MOTION was CARRIED, the vote being UNANIMOUS.

The full council minutes can be dowloaded here:

Unconfirmed BMCC Minutes 28 July 2020
Download PD • 128KB


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