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Council Calls on NSW Government to Permanently Remove Western Blackheath Highway Upgrade Options

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Further to Council’s call on the State Government to abandon plans for the duplication of the Great Wester highway west of Katoomba in November 2019, the following motion was moved by Councillors Brown and Schreiber at the Blue Mountains City Council meeting on Tuesday 28th July and was carried unanimously by Councillors

Greenhill, Christie, Fell, Myles, Hollywood, Van der Kley and McGregor.


MINUTE NO. 225 (Unconfirmed Minutes Ordinary Meeting 28 July 2020 - Pages 16-17)

Procedural - Matter of Urgency

A MOTION was MOVED by Councillors Brown and Schreiber:

1. That the Council notes its resolution of 26 November 2019 resolution calling on the State Government to abandon plans for the duplication of the Great Western Highway in the Blue Mountains and noting Councils grave concerns about the consequent:

I. destruction of native bushland;

II. the effect on local communities;

III. the possible resumption of homes; and

IV. the removal of residential and community amenity and the impact on towns and villages from Mount Victoria to Glenbrook;

2. That the Council supports the request of Blackheath residents that the proposed Station Street inner bypass (Option 1) and Centennial Glen outer bypass (Option 2) on the western side of the rail line in Blackheath should be taken off the table for consideration by the NSW government for the highway duplication and that the Town Centre (Option 3) also be discounted;

3. That the Council writes to Minister for Regional Transport and Roads Paul Toole and Director West at Transport for NSW Alistair Lunn and request that these three options be permanently removed from consideration for the highway duplication;

4. That the Council advises the Minister that this request is made by the Council in support of our community because the current Strategic Corridor with the two proposed options for Western Blackheath and the third option through the Town Centre are clearly not in the Blackheath community’s interest and will result in most or all of the below impacts:

I. extremely detrimental impact on the personal and financial well-being of directly affected residents and businesses

II. loss of businesses, homes, and facilities that contribute to the social and economic fabric of Blackheath

III. destruction of precious built heritage, flora and fauna, bushland and recreational areas

IV. loss of Centennial Glen as a significant rock climbing destination in Australia and the severe impact that will have on local tourism and business in Blackheath

V. loss of the Blackheath Mount Victoria RFS Brigade Shed located in Station Street; and

5. That the Council further advises that the ongoing threat of the Blackheath 'strategic corridor' has created an economic stranglehold, particularly for the western side, with negative impacts on property values, local business, investment, tourism and jobs, and that this has been imposed in the wake of the social and economic stress caused by the 2019/2020 bushfires and the COVID-19 pandemic and is now hampering recovery and local people’s ability to get on with their lives.

Upon being PUT to the Meeting, the MOTION was CARRIED, the vote being UNANIMOUS.


The full council minutes can be downloaded here:

Unconfirmed BMCC Minutes 28 July 2020
Download PD • 128KB

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