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Letter to Paul Toole

Here is the letter sent to Paul Tool's Office ( and also to Shane Mallard)

Dear Minister Toole (and Shayne Mallard),

Again we are writing to you seeking an urgent meeting with you because we require clarification from you in relation to the proposed duplication of the highway between Katoomba and Lithgow and the impact this will have on Blackheath and Mount Victoria.

Despite several requests for contact / meeting we have not had any responses from your office.

There is conflicting information being issued between your office and the RMS aboout the proposed duplication which is causing our community to be confused and extremely upset and stressed.

Further, the placement of the strategic corridor area of the entire western side of Blackheath has literally smashed real estate prices and sales in that part of town. An auction has been cancelled and three house sales have fallen through since the RMS announcement. Not one house has sold in the strategic corridor area since the RMS announcement. Stress and anxiety levels amongst residents are very high. Some are suicidal whilst others are suffering health issues as a result of this.

Further, what has massively compounded the problem is the issue and withdrawal of letters by the RMS. This debacle has caused tremendous stress and anxiety. We are all very angry and disappointed.

As you know we have been in and out of bushfire emergencies during this time. The Gospers Mountain fire is predicted to impact on us in coming weeks. The timing of the RMS announcement could not have come at a worse time. Our businesses are now suffering a double hit, the bushfires and the uncertainty brought about by the RMS announcement.

Therefore myself and 2 representatives from the Blackheath Highway Action Group and the Blackheath Area Community Alliance request an urgent meeting with the Minister.

If a response with a proposed meeting date is not provided within 24 hours then I will contact the Premier’s office. If the Premier’s office cannot help then we will take appropriate action.

Our community has been severely impacted by the RMS announcement and the mishandling of it by your office and the RMS. This needs to be addressed ASAP.

We look forward to your response,

Michael Paag

Blackheath Highway Action Group

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