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News: FEB 2020

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

Greetings to all our BAG supporters

What an incredibly confronting and fierce summer it has been for Blackheath and the region as a whole. Our thoughts go out to all who have been affected by the fires and the significant impact on the Mountains’ economy. With the news in December of the proposed GWH duplication, closely followed by the far reaching bushfire crisis, it has certainly been a summer of challenge for us all. It is times like these however that defines communities, clarifies what’s important to us, and determines what is worth fighting for and protecting.

Through ongoing research and consultation over the last couple of months with a range of councils, academics and transport managers, it has become increasingly obvious to BAG that the proposed duplication is not the transport solution that the Blue Mountains, nor the Central West, either deserves or wants.

So although it’s been quiet on the news front over the last couple of months, behind the scenes the BAG committee has been actively planning and developing strategies, having entered the new year more committed to the campaign than ever.

Moving forward in 2020, it is BAG’s intention to actively participate in the community consultation process being organised by the RMS (???), gleaning as much information as possible. Now more than ever is a time for the community to come together. It is time to push forward to put to bed once and for all a plan that will not only destroy the physical beauty of our town, but will also fragment and endanger our communities and have serious and irreversible effects on the World Heritage area that cradles and sustains our villages and townships. Committing to a highway - one that incidentally will be out of date by the time it is built –will forever damage our community. It is not the solution to the transport issues of the Central West.

It is now time for us to say NO! – noisily, firmly, consistently, confidently united in the fight to demand a solution that once and for all recognises the social, economic and environmental risks of opening up the Blue mountains to a flood of B-double freight trucks. Now is the time to really make a stand, to galvanise support for finding another solution - rather than surrendering to a destructive plan that makes no sense.

We have a lot of people who want to work with us and we are in the process of reaching out to them. BAG feels very strongly that we are in a good position to fight this and to get a better outcome, not only for us, but also for the Central West and the rest of the Blue Mountains. We are forever thankful for our supporters and know what a passionate and committed lot you are, together we’ve beat the odds before. There’ll be plenty for you to get involved in throughout the coming weeks as the campaign progresses, so all hands on deck– rest assured, whatever big or small way you can participate will make all the difference to the chances of our success.

So stay tuned!

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